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About Mammoth Safes

Mammoth Safes & Our Mammoth-Sized Statement

Mammoth Safes was created to disrupt the gun-safe market and bring back what we hunters really want in a safe - practicality and longevity. Cause who wants to keep having to buy safes over and over? It should be a simple process, a one-stop shop that’ll last for decades (well until we stockpile our gun collection to the moon - which I’m sure everyone's wife just adores.) We only sell the most prestigious and durable safes on the market to ensure every single person's needs are met. Mammoth Safes offers exceptional customer service, fast shipping, and complete transparency to every single customer because we’ve been there, and done that. Our company is founded in and fully entrenched in the U.S.A.

We wish to enlighten you in this blog on what it is we do, why we do it, and what standards we hold ourselves to do it. After reading this blog we hope you understand more about us as a company and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out and we'd be more than happy to chat.

History and Background

Mammoth Safes has been working diligently to partner with the top safe brands offering safes you respect, know, and love. We've also worked hard to build a strong rapport with these brands to offer you the best experience possible. This includes the best pricing, and we're so confident that if you find a price lower, we'll match it. 

We are an online retailer designed to meet your high expectations when purchasing our types of products. We have years of customer service and management experience under our belt which is why we pride ourselves on our company-to-customer relationships. We are deep-set in America and are here to stay. Since we are an online retailer and do not currently have a brick-and-mortar store, we have savings that we can use to direct straight to you. Whether this is a discount code or a free item with purchase, we have and always will think of you first.

I, the founder of Mammoth Safes, Austin, understand the importance of a quality gun safe. Growing up right in the middle of Alabama, I was exposed to the gun-safe industry at an extremely young age. I actually remember my first gun safe to the exact model, want to know why? Because I’ve still got it and use it for some of my more cherished rifles. The question is why would I use an old Winchester 2012 series Ranger 19 for modern weapons? Because I’m a fan of gun safes that last and are actually worth the money. I don’t want to buy a new gun safe because the lock breaks down constantly and the repair costs end up being more than the safe… or the safe chipping at the slightest nudge. I want to buy a new gun safe because my collection is growing, and growing… and growing (maybe a little too much.) Plain and simple. I’ve personally collected over 72 guns, all sizes, and all types the past 15 years and own multiple gun safes right here at home and in my office. I and the entire team at Mammoth Safes understand and know a quality safe when we see one.

Our milestones for the next year are to massively increase our product listings and to keep improving our customer relations through communication, exclusive deals, and giveaways.

Our Core Values

At the root of our company, we're much more than the go-to hub for hunters looking to get a sweet new safe. The root of our company consists of providing the greatest possible customer experience and bringing back quality into the gun-safe industry. And we hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to these core values. 

Quality: Leave it to us to personally vet all of the top brands in the industry to find the most astonishing ones. We ensure that you will only be buying the most premium, durable, and long-lasting safes made from premium materials and durability when you shop from Mammoth Safes. We've created a personalized vetting process that we run through before we work with our brands to make sure you're getting the most bang for your buck.

Responsiveness: Our customer service is in place to make sure you receive the most positive shopping experience that you deserve. Our team understands this down to its root meaning, the customer is always first. We run our customer service through responsiveness and adaptability, nothing less. Our experience and highly trained employees make that a guarantee.

Speed: We want you to have access to your safes as quickly as possible. This is why we specifically work with brands that are known for their fast, transparent, and consistent shipping times. 

Commitment: Everyone on the Mammoth Safes team is fully committed to their skillset. This means they are constantly improving to ensure that you get the knowledge and expertise you're looking for.

This includes vital safety blogs, products, and all information related to the gun-safe industry. All of this is collected to share with you to make sure you understand as much as we do.

We are not here just to offer top-of-the-line safes from the top brands - but to also act as an educational-based company that builds relationships with our customers to help deliver an informational and smooth buying experience.

We hope you join us in our single-minded purpose to bring back quality and longevity to the gun-safe industry.

Mammoth Safes is owned and run by AN Stores LLC, a limited liability company.

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