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Keep your valuables safe with the best home safes you can get your hands on. Home safes are made for small items and large items and come with quick access to your valuables in case of a home invasion. They are the perfect safe for your home and are an excellent selection if you want a safe that provides high-quality security for your high quality home. Shop Mammoth Safes large selection of home safes today that are able to withstand fire, water, and theft attacks.

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Protect Your Valuables With Our Excellent Choice of Home Safes

Home safes are an essential item for protecting your valuables, whether they are sentimental, financial, or irreplaceable. Our excellent choice of home safes offers secure storage for your precious items, giving you peace of mind that they are protected from theft and damage. Our safes have been designed with your needs in mind, offering a range of different sizes and security features to suit any home or business. From small, hidden home safes that can be tucked away in a closet, to large home safes for storing jewelry, cash, and important documents, our selection has the perfect option for you. We understand the importance of keeping your valuables safe, so trust us to provide the best home safes available to meet your needs.

Choose The Best Home Safe For Your Needed Level of Security

We at Mammoth Safes like to provide variety to our customers, so aside from partnering with only the best brands that sell home safes and much more; we also partner with brands that are known for their extensive and high quality catalogs. With that being said, we have fireproof home safes that provide UL listed fire ratings for up to 2 hours and a minimum of 30 minutes, making sure your fire protection concerns are covered. We don't stop at fire safes however, we also have a wide selection of small home safes with either combination locks or keypad locks that can be stashed away in your home or office. With expert minds behind the crafting of these security safes, you can be sure that you're getting the security that you require, for the value that you deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

• What Do I Look For When I Buy a Home Safe?

This completely depends on what you're exactly looking for. If you want to store guns and firearms, purchase one of our recommended gun safes. If you want to protect important documents from the dangers of fire, take a look at our fireproof safes. Depending on the importance of the items you're protecting would depict how strong of a home safe you should get. If you're securing tons of documents and cash then I would recommend the Hollon HS-610E Fireproof Home Safe This safe provides more than enough room for your household items and has thicker steel, specifically high-strength unitized 12 ga. solid steel which is the entire body. As well as a massive 1 1/8" recessed door constructed of a 1/4" solid steel plate and a fire-insulating material. Bottom line is that whatever you have in mind you're going to be stashing away, consider what size, steel size, fire rating, and specific kind of lock you would like before buying.

• What Fire Safe Ratings To Keep In Mind?

If you want the best bang for your buck when searching for a fireproof home safe then you want to look for two specific ratings. U.L. (United States) and K.I.S (Korean) certifications are by far the most important and trusted fire protection ratings out there. Next thing is to look for how many minutes of fire the safe can withstand. We offer the most ideal fireproof home safes that can survive 30 minutes to 2 hours of fire, keeping your documents, important items, and small items safe. Make sure that your fireproof home safe includes fire protection that can maintain an interior temperature of around 120-340 degrees. You need to keep in mind that paper combusts at around 350 degrees, so definitely get yourself a fire safe that has an interior temperature lower than 350 degrees.

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