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Mammoth Safes offer high security gun safes from top brands that customers love and trust. Making American Security Safes (AMSEC) a massive contributor to that list and one of the top leading brands in the industry, holding an impressive collection of 200+ products. AMSEC is a safe company with rich roots here in America, thus the name American Security. With over 75 years in the industry, you can rest assured that AMSEC will provide the home protection that you deserve. AMSEC offers many products, such as the best gun safes, home safes,Β vault doors, wall safes,Β floor safes, and much more.Β 

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American Security Safes (AMSEC)

AMSEC doesn't stop there. They have a vast catalog of handgun safes, and fireproof safes, all in electronic or combination variations. Whether you're trying to protect your cash, valuables, or business, AMSEC provides the best safes on the market for whatever you need. Every safe has been tested with sledgehammers, fire, and safe-cracking tools to ensure they're up to par with your high standards, cause that's what matters. AMSEC is full of advantages and testing their safes through not only various tools, but through fire and air as well. Specifically 12000 psi in all six directions and one to two hours of protection fire atΒ 1700Β°F to guarantee you're once again receiving the best of the best.

In 1946, founder Glenn Halls started AMSEC, which was a "little shop that could" right in Paramount, California, with little more than a welder, a lathe, and a desire to build strong safes. And 75 years later AMSEC has taken the industry by storm and are known worldwide, that's right, worldwide for being the best provider of security safes and security solutions. With a wide array of safes to choose from and the highest quality out there, we at Mammoth Safes are glad to present AMSEC's amazing and treasured safes.

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