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Welcome to Mammoth Safes' Commercial Safes Collection, where unparalleled security meets modern business needs. Our meticulously curated range, designed for the discerning business owner, offers high-security solutions to safeguard your valuable assets. From robust cash vaults for retail settings to fireproof and waterproof safes ideal for sensitive documents, our selection caters to diverse commercial requirements. Embracing innovation, we feature smart safes for dynamic environments like banks and cafes, alongside specialized under-counter models for discreet protection.

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What Type of Business Safes Does Mammoth Safes Offer?

Your business is prone to burglary, fire, and internal theft daily. If you don’t plan, these events will likely happen to you. Mammoth Safes has many different types of safes for your business. We have safes to protect cash, receipts, deposit slips, keys, and other valuables. 

We also offer waterproof and fireproof safes to protect against water and fire. Our smart safes are ideal for use in a bank or busy coffee shop, while the vault door is for a jewelry business. We also have under-counter models for a salon or supermarket safe.

You can browse our fire file cabinets, pharmacy, and depository safes. Our commercial drop safes are ideal for convenience stores, hotels, or gas stations. We sell business safes from brands such as Gardall, Hayman, Fireking, AMSEC, and Hollon. 

What Are Some of the Safes Recommended by Mammoth Safes?

AMSEC CF1814 AMVAULT TL-30 Fire-Rated Composite Safe

AMSEC AMVAULT TL-30 protects small back-office valuables from fire and theft. You can use it to store cash, keys, coins, jewelry, paperwork, and hard drives. 

It has a TL-30 label for its ability to resist 30 minutes of grueling break-in attempts. It has a combination lock, drill-shattering hard plate, and two extra spring-loaded devices.

FireKing DS6431-2 2-Hour Fire Rated Data Safe

The FireKing DS6431-2 two-hour fire rated safe offers safe and secure storage for your digital media. It protects against dust, magnetic fields, and electrostatic discharge. 

It is a UL-tested safe with an electronic lock combination. It is also waterproof to protect contents from incidental water contact.

Hayman CV-27C Cashvault “B” Rated Cash Safe

The Hayman CV-27C Cashvault B-rated cash safes offer functionality with excellent protection. They have many security features, such as auto-locking and spring-loaded relocking systems. They also have hardened drill resistive hard plates. 

Gardall 5022T30X6 TL-30X6 Commercial High-Security Safe

The Gardall 5022T30X6 TL-30X6 commercial Safe is thick to offer high protection and security. The door is 5/12” thick and has a 2” defense barrier. The armor plate on its body reinforces it against breach by intruders. 

The safes have extra anti-theft compliance components. These include a cross-locking locker and punch-resistant spindle handle and lock. There is also a tempered glass relocking trigger.

Hayman CV-SL8K CashVault Under Counter Safe

The Hayman CV-SL8K CashVault under counter deposit safe protects cash and check deposits. It has pre-drilled holes that you can use to attach under any countertop.

The hardened hard plate prevents drilling into the lock. It also has a spring-loaded relocking system to lock down the safe in case of attack.

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Safe

Here are some things to consider when choosing a commercial safe for your business.

  • UL Certification

Safes undergo safety and quality testing according to the Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL). The rating measures the wall and door thickness and the lock’s quality. The thicker the walls, the higher the security rating. Commercial safes fall into class B or C UL rate.  

  • Burglar Rating

Burglar rating classifies your safe's protection from theft and break-ins. There are three classes of burglar rating, Class TL, TRTL, and TXTL.

TL shows how long it will take before an intruder opens the safe. Class TRTL safes can resist torches. Class TXTL safes can survive high explosives.

  • Fire Rating

A fire rating is the time a unit survives in high temperatures. For example, units with several layers of insulation may be able to protect items at 350° for up to four hours. They are ideal for businesses with a high risk of fire, such as a restaurant or manufacturing plants. 

You can also check our 30-minute, one-hour, and two-hour commercial safes for sale. They offer fire resistance for less risky businesses. 

  • Cash Drop

If you run a business that aims to protect cash deposits, you may prefer a safe with a drop box. These units allow employees to deposit cash or documents through a slot safely.

  • Size

You may select a larger or smaller safe depending on what the safe will be used to store. Choosing the right size also depends on where you plan to keep the safe. 

Bespoke Security Solutions

We recognize that every business has unique security requirements. That's why our Hayman CV-27C Cashvault and Gardall 5022T30X6 TL-30X6 Commercial High-Security Safe come with customizable features like auto-locking systems, relocking systems, and hardened drill resistive plates. Our Hayman CV-SL8K CashVault Under Counter Safe, with its pre-drilled holes for easy installation, exemplifies convenience and security.

Trusted Brands and UL Certification

Our commitment to quality is further echoed in our partnership with leading brands like Gardall, Hayman, Fireking, AMSEC, and Hollon. Each safe is a product of rigorous testing and certification, ensuring that they meet the highest standards of security. The UL (Underwriter’s Laboratory) certification of our safes speaks volumes about their reliability and resilience.  Shop for Office Safes with confidence that each one reflects our unwavering dedication to top-tier security.

Tailored to Your Business Size and Needs

The size and functionality of the safe are as important as its security features. Our collection offers various sizes to suit different spaces and storage requirements. Whether it’s a compact model for small valuable items or a larger one for bulkier assets, we have a safe that fits your space and security needs perfectly. Explore our Vault door collection at Mammoth Safes for an even broader range of secure storage solutions.

Choosing the right safe from our collection means investing in the security and future of your business. It’s a step towards protecting not just your physical assets but also the trust of your clients and the integrity of your business operations. Explore our range, and bring your business the security it deserves with Mammoth Safes. Explore Our Collection of Depository Safes to fortify your business's protection further.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the recommended fire resistance level for a commercial safe?

  • Business safes should be safer from fire than household safes. A two-hour fire rating is recommended for commercial safes.

What is the ideal safe for computer media?

  • The best safe for computer media should protect from heat and humidity. Avoid storing in fire safes since they create a high humidity level that can destroy data.

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