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Hidden Home Safes

Mammoth Safes is offering the finest selection of hidden home safes which are perfect to store your valuables in a secret location. It's no doubt that one of the best ways to conceal your valuables is to keep them out of sight, this allows for an extra way of security that you wouldn't get from just a regular safe right in the open.

Browse Mammoth Safes collection of hidden home safes from premier brands such as AMSEC, Gardall, and Hollon.

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Why Hide Your Valuables Inside a Hidden Home Safe?

If you're looking for a safe to keep out of harm's way, where thieves and burglars can't even find or see your home safe in the first place then you might want to consider getting yourself a hidden home safe. These particular safes are extremely affordable because where they lack over-the-top steel usage and extremely heavy weight, they make up for being able to easily fit in secret compartments, cabinets, closets, and even drawers. Our hidden home safes can store cash, documents, jewelry, and even small firearms in hidden spaces or disguised as other household furniture, such as mirrors.

If you have expensive jewelry or even small firearms you wish to store, the last thing you want is curious children getting access. With hidden home safes, this problem is nullified and you can rest assured your children will not acquire access.

Peace of mind is important when buying a safe. With hidden home safes, when you're away from home, the peace of mind of knowing your valuables are tucked away in a discrete hidden location backed by astounding security is most certainly present.

Why Buy Hidden Home Safes From Mammoth Safes?

When searching for your first, or even next hidden home safe it's essential that not only choose the best safe for your exact needs but from the right source. We at Mammoth Safes pride ourselves on being one of the top dealers for the best brands in the industry, all holding top-of-the-line hidden home safe products. This coupled with our exceptional customer service, makes it a seamless and easy process when you purchase from Mammoth Safes.Β 

We also help you every step of the way, from the point of purchase to months down the line with any questions that you might have regarding your safe. On top of this is are great blogs and guides that are simple to follow, like how to hide a gun safe in plain sight (this is applicable to any hidden home safe). We hope you enjoy your stay at Mammoth Safes and if you have any questions please call us at 1-762-216-4800.

What Types of Hidden Home Safes Does Mammoth Safes Recommend?

Take a look at some of the best hidden home safes we have to offer!

Gardall GB1307-G-C Concealed In-Floor Safe

The Gardall GB1307 is by far one of the most secure hidden home safes we have to offer. It is installed straight into the floor and is recommended to put a carpet or rug over it for even more hidden protection. With two full length locking bolts and a top-grade U.L lock, you can't even tell this safe is a hidden home safe simply cause of the security it has to offer.

Tactical Walls 1410 Wall Clock

If you're looking for one of the most discrete hidden home safes then what better to look into the Tactical Walls 1410 Wall Clock? This particular hidden home safe is a surface-mounted, nonlocking safe which is perfect for bedroom storage. It's extremely easy to open if you wish to gain access to your firearm, or even valuables in a pinch. The 1410 is also extremely affordable if you're looking for a simple yet effective hidden storage solution.

AMSEC UBS648 Under Bed Gun Safe

AMSEC did an amazing job with the UBS648 Under Bed Gun Safe which offers a way to slide and hide your long firearms in a safe secure location such as under your bed or in your closet. This hidden home safe offers a U.L.- Listed ESL5-LP lock with a silent mode that's perfect for home invasions which was specifically designed on this product.Β 

The main way of access to this hidden home safe is the tilt-out door which allows for extremely fast access to your firearms or other items inside of the safe.

SecureIt FB-47-01 Fast Boxβ„’ Model 47 Hidden Gun Safe

The SecureIt Fast Box Model 47 offers the same level of quality that the military has access to. This hidden home safe is a heavy-duty and compact safe which is ideal for storing small firearms in a hidden, discrete location inside of your home. Weighing in at 39 pounds and equipped with military-grade professional craftsmanship, this hidden home safe might just be the right option for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I get a hidden home safe or just a normal home safe?

  • This entirely depends on your exact situation, if you wish to go for an extremely heavy-duty home safe out in the open and you have tons of valuables to store, then our large home safes collection might suit you better. However, if you're looking for a reliable way to store your valuables without the worry of break-ins and whilst being completely hidden, hidden home safes might be the option you want to go with.

How many hidden home safes do I need?

  • Hidden home safes are affordable, but usually, you only need one. This of course depends on how many valuables you have and also how many layers of protection you want. Meaning you could have 2-3 hidden home safes across your house as opposed to one hidden home safe for maximum protection.
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