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Hollon for years has been providing higher quality safes that exceed industry standards in terms of design, strength, and security. But more importantly, price. This is why Mammoth Safes offers a massive catalog of Hollon safes to ensure you get the quality you truly require for the price you deserve. Shop Hollon gun safes, fire proof safes, and wall safes today.

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Hollon Safe Company

We are a quality safe company started by locksmiths for locksmiths … so that we can better sell directly to locksmiths.

Founded in 2008 – with owners who have more than a decade of experience in the safe and lock industry – Hollon has been America’s fastest growing manufacturer of superior safes.

We are a family business – not a big corporation. The benefits of this to you are several:

We know quality. We’re not a bunch of “suits” with no hands-on experience in the industry. We’ve gotten calluses on our hands and grease under our fingernails … so we know what makes for a quality safe – and what doesn’t. Hollon safes are top-of-the-line when it comes to strength and durability in construction. We conduct extensive product testing and rigid inspections before the Hollon name goes on any of our safes.

You don’t pay for a “name.” The quality of a Hollon safe is at least comparable to that of the product from larger companies – and some of our safes are much better. We have thicker steel, bigger bolts … the only thing we don’t have is a well-known name – and that’s only because some of our competitors have been around for so long. The problem is: As with many different types of products, you often pay more for a safe simply because of the company name that’s on it. Not with Hollon. We’re extremely proud of our name – but we don’t charge you extra for it.

We sell quality for less. Less overhead, less payroll, coupled with our system of shipping direct to locksmiths rather than distributors means a cost savings we pass on to you.

This is why Mammoth Safes works directly with Hollon because of their rich background, value, and goals for their company. Shop Hollon Safe today and take hold of the quality and unbeatable prices you deserve.

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