Mammoth Safes is all about offering products to you that exceed the industry standard. This is why we offer premium SecureIt products at the lowest prices available out there. SecureIt offers products such as agile gun safes, gun cabinets, and even hidden safes. Gun storage is important for your home. SecureIt has broken the traditional barrier of gun storage and isn't stuck in the past. With that being said, take a look at our wide catalog of SecureIt products that are sure to meet your high standards of quality and price.

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The impact SecureIt’s firearm storage technology had on the military uncovered a massive concern in the consumer market: traditional gun safe companies are out of touch with modern firearms and the principles of gun storage, security, and home defense.

Firearms continue to evolve with technology, but rather than focus on the needs of gun owners, traditional gun safe companies remain stagnant. Tapping into Tom’s military expertise, SecureIt launched a line of lightweight, modular gun safes that can be customized for every type and size collection. Unlike its competitors, SecureIt offers straight-line, fast access to firearms, ammo, and gear—unlike anything else on the market today.

In 2001, the Department of Defense called on CEO Tom Kubiniec to transform their cluttered weapon racks into organized, efficient weapon storage systems. Tom accepted the challenge, developing proprietary firearm storage technology alongside U.S. Special Army Forces Command that would go on to modernize military armories.

Today, SecureIt is the global leader in military weapon storage and armory design—relied upon by all branches to maximize armory efficiency and guarantee weapon performance in the field. Firearms WHERE and WHEN You NEED Them!


It’s the mantra our company has followed since day one, and it’s a requirement for every employee who’s joined us since. It’s also the reason why SecureIt is so successful today.
Innovation remains at the forefront of every product we offer, every service we provide, and every business decision we make.

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