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Small Home Safes

We at Mammoth Safes understand not every home safe has to be an unnecessarily large safe. If you don't have much to store, it's better to keep it simple, and cheap. Mammoth Safes offers the most sought-after small home safes perfect for your home, that fit in the small places you want them to be. Our vast small home safes collection contains all different types of features and types like biometric, mechanical, fireproof, waterproof, and much more.

Small Home Safes are perfect for storing important documents, cash, and all sorts of valuables. If you're looking for a portable safe that you can fit just about anywhere to keep your valuables secure and away from thieves, then you'll have no trouble finding what you're looking for with our small home safes collection.

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What Type of Small Home Safes Does Mammoth Safes Offer?

Whether you're looking for a fireproof and waterproof home safe, a biometric safe, or an electronic keypad safe to keep your valuables safe then we've put together a wide selection of our top picks.

As far as lock types we have combination locks, fingerprint locks, and many other locking mechanisms available. There's really no best home safe as they are all depending on your needs. How many small items do you have? Are you looking for a high-security safe? Or maybe even a wall safe for your home? Either way, we offer a massive selection of small home safes perfect for whatever you require.

Here Are 5 Small Home Safes We Recommend

Stealth EHS4 Essential Home Safe

The Stealth EHS4 offers an affordable small home safe with top-of-the-line home security features. It's perfect for keeping valuables locked away and out of harm's way.

This particular safe is made with a 14 gauge steel body and door. The bolt sizes are 3/4" and come with 4 solid steel chrome-plated locking bolts, two which are active and two which are deadbolts. The EHS4 safe also has a 30-minute fire rating at 1200 Fahrenheit, making it a premium, durable, and heavy-duty small home fire safe.

Hollon HS-610E Fireproof Home Safe

One of the highest level of fire safes we offer is the Hollon HS-610E. It comes with a 2-hour fire protection which is 100% more fire protection than your average small home safe on the market. This small home safe is tested at 1850 Fahrenheit making it once again one of the top fire safes we offer.

At 1.5" cubic feet and made out of high quality material, this fireproof small home safe is also rated for a 30 foot impact, making it a very tough safe to deal for thieves.

Winchester WH7 Home 7 Home Safe H3020

If you're looking for security and fire protection all in one go at a smaller size then the Winchester WH7 is a excellent option. It's suited for places with limited space availability making it an excellent small home safe option. This specific small home safe has 60-minute fire rating tested at 1400 Fahrenheit but also passed the UL Listed Residential Security Container rating (RSC).

This small home safe comes in a durable powder-coated black finish, or a sandstone finish. With adjustable shelves, a mechanical or electronic locking mechanism, and a lifetime warranty backing it up, this Winchester WH7 Home Safe is a great way to protect your small valuables.

Hollon MJ-1014C TL-30 Rated Series Safe

When taking a look at the Hollon MJ-1014C TL-30 Small Home Safe, it's safe to say it has the ultimate security all while being a smaller safe. With a TL-30 rating and months of testing, it's guaranteed to protect against burglars or fire. This safe is an excellent option for fire because of its 2 hour rating at 1750 Fahrenheit. 

Made with highly compressed proprietary concrete, while being a small home safe, definitely isn't light. So keep this in mind, however, coupled with hard plates and a special designed burglary resistant handle this is by far one of the most secure small home safes we have available.


Frequently Asked Questions

How important is a fire rating for a small home safe?

  • Considering you're probably going to be storing valuable documents and other small items susceptible to fire we'd say it's extremely important. You definitely want to consider getting at least a 30-minute fire rating.

Should I get multiple small home safes or one large home safe?

  • In our opinion, you'll get more value and protection out of multiple small home safes scattered across your house. This is extremely effective against thieves and burglars, however, a big drawback is having to rush to different safes in the house when a fire emerges. It depends on what you're more worried about, a fire, or thieves.
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