Stealth Safes

You can find a huge collection of Stealth Safes at Mammoth Safes, offering high-end safes with excellent technology, maximum protection, and high-level durability.

Stealth Safes is a premier safe brand that manufactures high-end, reliable, long-lasting, and superior security gun safes. Rest assured with Stealth Safes you’ll be able to discreetly store and protect your firearms, sensitive documents, and other valuables unlike any other brand out there.

Stealth Safes don’t just protect against burglars or other dangerous individuals. You can also conceal the existence of crucial files and firearms hidden from your pets and kids through electric locks.

You can choose your absolute pick from the different ranges of sizes, designs, and security mechanisms from the Stealth Safes collection. For example, you can use a small Stealth B3500 Floor Safe to secure your entry-level gun and documents. On the other hand, the Stealth EGS23 Gun Safe is perfect for storing loads of firearms and jewelry. 

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Why Choose Stealth Safes?

Stealth Safes possess many qualities that make them highly popular for homeowners looking for high-quality gun safes. Here are some noteworthy reasons that make Stealth Safe very wanted:


  • Remarkable Security: Stealth Safes are superior in providing the highest level of security you need to protect your valuables. These ensure the best security using advanced security features like biometric and electronic lock features.
  • Sturdy Build: The high-end reconstructed strong steel body of Stealth Safes products is built to last a long period. This is exactly why they come with a lifetime warranty to give security for your valuables.
  • Bang for Bucks: Every Stealth Safe comes in a variety of cost-friendly and expensive price ranges. So, you can get the most suitable safe depending on your needs and the money you can spend.
  • Peace of Mind: When your firearms and treasured items are secured in locked storage, you enjoy peace of mind.

Stealth Safes Advanced Security Features

Stealth Safes most advanced security features are UL rated lock, Re-Locker, and a steel Hard Plate, which makes it different from other safes. Most other safes only use a solenoid electronic lock with a key override making the safe vulnerable and poor. It is not unknown that key overrides have less security and are very easy to break open. Moreover, the override is a backup for when the lock is malfunctioning.

However, if you go with Stealth Safes, you will never face such low-quality security failures. Thus, this is the key differentiator making Stealth Safe superior to other safes.

Stealth EGS23 Gun Safe

The high-quality Stealth EGS23 Gun Safe is perfect for storing weapons and valuables with maximum protection. It consists of UL listed electronic lock, which has an unmatched advanced security rating.

Besides, this gun safe is also approved by the California Department of Justice for its highest Burglary proof and impressive Fireproof rating. 

The safe is constructed with solid steel and deadbolts to make break-ins more difficult.


  • Top-notch Security UL Approved Electronic Lock - NL UR-2020
  • CA DOJ Approved for Highest Security Rate
  • Solid steel Hard Plate and Re-Locker Protected
  • 30 minutes at 1200 degrees Fireproof Rating
  • 14 Gauge Steel body and Intumescent Door Seal
  • Molle door panel organizer with Electrical Outlet

Stealth B3500 Floor Safe

The Stealth B3500 Floor Safe is the best choice for discreetly and safely storing handguns and confidential documents. Similarly, this floor safe also comes with highly advanced UL Rated Lock features. Besides, the lock feature has two options: dial combination lock and electric lock.

In addition, this Safe has a B-rate for burglar safety and is fire and water-resistant.  Heavy Duty safe, constructed with thick steel and locking bolts to resist punching, prying, and drilling. Moreover, it has stealth protection for better concealment.


  • UL Rated Mechanical Lock and Electronic Lock - NL UR-2020
  • 12 Gauge Steel Body, Shock Door Mechanism
  • Automatic Bolt Detent Locking Feature
  • Fire and Water Resistance, B Burglar Rate.
  • Durable Internal Hinge, three 1” Locking Bolts
  • Additional Hard Plate and Internal Relocker Security

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