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Tactical Walls

What's better than securing your valuables out in the open? Hiding them out of sight through concealment furniture. This is why Mammoth Safes offers Tactical Walls unique and incredible line of concealment products. Tactical Walls offers shelves, mirrors, and even barn door products that conceal your firearms and whatever you wish to hide from sight. With U.S. source materials, years of experience, and a dedication to a unique product line to help secure your home that much more, you can guarantee when shopping for any Tactical Walls product you will be satisfied with the quality, and price. 

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Tactical Walls Defense Philosophy

Let’s face it. A home invasion can be a VERY harrowing experience. Caught completely off guard, the likelihood of you being overwhelmed and full of adrenaline in a stressful situation is perfectly normal. The question is, what do you do in this stressful situation? How do you manage your body’s natural reaction of fight or flight? Do you have the fine motor skills necessary to open your gun safe? Can you even make it to the gun safe before you or a family member comes in contact with an intruder? These are very important questions. Questions that our products are designed to help you answer.

With over 8,000 home invasions each year in the United States (source: ITS Tactical), it is safe to say that having a plan is a crucial piece of home defense; and that plan should be flexible, because there is no one way your home may be broken into. You need to be prepared for the unknown. Planning for a home invasion can be uncomfortable, as it should be. You must consider the worst case scenarios in order to plan for them. Flexibility is key, speed is paramount, and multiple points of defensive options could very well make a difference in a life threatening situation.  The more options you allow yourself, the better your odds of success. Tactical Walls products give you the flexibility to formulate your own plan, for your own home, and your own family.

Put simply, our products are designed to give you a fighting chance. They allow you the flexibility to place the defensive tools necessary to protect your family wherever you think they will be most beneficial. Because we offer multiple styles and sizes, your options are limited only by your imagination. One basic template a lot of our customeres follow is: a larger primary staging solution in the bedroom, with two smaller secondary staging solutions located near the front and rear entrances to the home.

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