Biometric Gun Safes

Gun safes are a valuable and great way to store and protect firearms securely. This is why Mammoth Safes has teamed up with the leading experts and brands in the gun-safe industry. They provide a secure storage solution for guns, ammo, and other accessories. We have a vast gun safe collection featuring various locking mechanisms. 

With a locking safe, you will get into the safe using a digital keypad, combination, or keyed lock. We also have some locking safes that combine two lock styles. We also offer biometric safes, which use fingerprint sensor technology to read your fingerprints with a scanning pad to unlock the safe. 

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What Fingerprint Biometric Lock Gun Safes Does Mammoth Safes Offer?

We offer various types of gun safes, including fireproof, portable safes, bedside gun safes, etc., to meet your needs. We offer the best biometric gun safes by brands such as Gardall, Hollon, Sports Afield, Hayman, and Stealth Safes.

Stealth Biometric Handgun Hanger Safe Quick-Access Security Box

The Stealth Hanger Biometric gun safe provides an advanced biometric fingerprint scanner where you place your finger to access the safe. The biometric scans your fingerprint and the door then folds to release the handguns, and a speed reducer activates, allowing them to drop down as the red interior light illuminates. 

The Stealth Biometric Hanger Safe can store up to five handguns. This biometric scanner is 3/8" thick. The safe also has a security cable and an electronic locking system for backup entry.

Stealth Top Vault Quick Access Biometric Pistol Safe

The Stealth Top Vault opens from the top of the safe. This top-opening quick-access large biometric home safe with fingerprint technology opens with a simple finger scan. Its pop-up steel safe door lets you open the safe quickly and retrieve your pistol in a home defense scenario, making it ideal for your nightstand or drawer. The safe comes with four holes at the bottom of the safe for anchoring the safe to a fixed surface.

Gardall PS96-B-BE Pistol Safe

You will be able to open the Gardall Safe with a secure 4-6 digit personal code and biometric fingerprint reader! You can breeze through security with a back truck, LED light keypad, and no beep feature. The solid steel construction makes it hard for the safe to break allowing for peace of mind around children. Back up entry is provided by the mechanical override key. 

Wall safes get most of their security from being hidden, and the Hollon Wall Safe features a biometric fingerprint scanner system for added convenience and ease of access. This fingerprint gun safe is made of heavy-duty gauge steel and offers up to 50 cubic feet of gun storage space. It also includes two interior shelves and a keypad override system. 

Hollon PB-BIO-2 Pistol Safe

Wall safes are easy-to-use pistol safes that are slim enough to fit conveniently in a drawer or mount under a bed or as a travel safe. The portable Hollon Pistol Safe uses biometric technology with a fingerprint scanner to offer safe gun storage and easily controlled access to valuables. The safes are also foam lined in the interior to help keep your handguns and valuables free from scratches.

Sports Afield SA5924P-B Preserve Series Biometric Gun Safe

The Sports Afield Preserve Series use a biometric fingerprint scanner to provide quick access to the firearm when a threat arises. The door opens with a keypad or optional biometric lock, presenting the guns to the user. 

Hayman Minuteman Quick Access Gun Safe MM-4814

The Hayman Minuteman Quick Access Gun Safe can be mounted between the studs into a wall for a covert installation. It allows easy access to a long gun, handgun, and flashlight inside the biometric rifle. Its adjustable muzzle support allows long guns up to 39" long to be assessed easily with the fingerprint.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Biometric Gun Safe

Every gun owner wants a quick-access biometric fingerprint identification rifle safe with the greatest security features.

We recommend using the following criteria for choosing the best biometric gun safe.

  1. Read time: Many gun safe manufacturers indicate the time the safe may take for the finger on the fingerprint scanner to open your safe. The shorter the time it will take to get inside the safe and gain access to your firearm the better.
  2. Back-up access type: A biometric fingerprint safe scanner is an electronic device vulnerable to power loss. Look for safes that have at least one backup access to the safe.
  3. Size and weight: Are you looking for a mobile biometric gun safe? If so, ensure that you’re balancing the interior dimensions and storage needs with the size and weight of the unit when it comes to portability concerns.
  4. Price: Modern biometric gun safes are expensive. Some options, such as Vaultek Pro mXi, offer apps and Wi-Fi connectivity but are costly. Hence, ensure the biometric gun safe can offer to your needs at an affordable price.
  5. Capacity: How many guns do you own? If you have one gun, you should choose a single-capacity gun safe. However, the market also offers gun safes, such as the Barska Biometric fingerprint safe, which can store up to 120 guns.  Ultimately, choosing between Barska safes, Speedvault Biometric safes, or other biometric safes is up to your storage needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Fingerprint Recognition Handgun Safes reliable?

  • No technology is completely immune to failure.

How Does a Biometric Lock Handgun Safe Work?

  • A biometric gun safe uses fingerprint scanning technology to perform a simple scan of a fingerprint to get the safe to open.

How Do You Maintain a Biometric Gun Safe?

  • Gun safe maintenance involves cleaning to ensure your fingerprint scanner is uncompromised. Refer to the maintenance guidelines on how to clean your fingerprint gun safe.

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