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Best Biometric Gun Safe Guide

Best Biometric Gun Safe Guide

14 minute read

A biometric gun safe restricts access, keeps your firearms out of the wrong hands, and offers quick access in case of an intrusion. You can also secure your valuables under lock, key, or biometric fingerprint safes.

It is easy for a burglar to open a conventional gun safe with a traditional keypad or locking system. Even a young toddler might recall the combination of a traditional safe.

Biometric security is hence the most effective technique. A fingerprint scanner is used as the lock on a biometric safe. In addition to being safer, it is also quicker.

What is a Biometric Gun Safe?

A biometric gun safe uses a digital lock. It uses fingerprint recognition to record a fingerprint combination lock in an inbuilt database. Biometric locking systems offer safe storage and quick access to your rifles and shotguns.

A biometric gun safe's size is smaller than a conventional safe's. It is helpful, nevertheless, when traveling or during home invasions.

A biometric gun safe uses fingerprint scanners to verify your identity before opening. As a result, it provides a strong defense against trespassers like minors and robbers.

Some biometric firearm safes can identify ten or more fingerprints. Some safes may even memorize thirty unique fingerprints.

Are Biometric Gun Safes Reliable?

To understand if a biometric safe is reliable, we will look at the pros and cons. Why should you buy a biometric gun safe over other locking systems?

Advantages of Biometric Gun Safes

Below are some of the reasons why you should choose a biometric gun safe.

  • You Do Not Need to Carry a Key

You do not need to carry a key while using a biometric safe. Keys are easily lost or stolen. Thus, a biometric safe adds security and eliminates needing a key.

  • Emergency Access

Biometric safes are ideal since they provide quick access to the contents. Finding a key or recalling a combination might take too much time. In an emergency, a biometric gun safe includes access to your safe by scanning your fingerprint.

  • Multi-User Access

The best biometric access-safe manufacturers let you save multiple fingerprints. Fingerprint scanning safes are ideal for use in homes or offices.

  • Hard to Guess

It is easy for intruders to guess your pin code and open your safe. However, advanced biometric technology makes it hard for unauthorized individuals to determine their fingerprint and access the safe.

Cons of Biometric Fingerprint Safes

The accuracy of biometric fingerprint safes varies. Like any product, purchasing a safe with a biometric locking mechanism has some drawbacks. Below are some of the fingerprint-safe drawbacks you should be aware of.

  • Battery Operated

A biometric safe is opened by verifying fingerprints using an electronic scanner. Most fingerprint safes rely on batteries, which should be changed frequently. The scanner will stop operating if the battery dies.

  • False Scans

False scans occur when someone whose fingerprints are not stored in the system can unlock the safe. False scans are sometimes referred to as false positives. They are less frequent in expensive and recent safes than in cheaper or older types. However, they are still possible, particularly with inferior biometric safes. So be sure the safe you choose has a high-quality sensor with a high DPI.

  • Non-Scans

A non-scan happens due to dirty hands or a system error. Some older persons also have trouble using fingerprint scanners. Additionally, if you have particles on your finger, they could interfere with non-scan procedures.

You can fix it by cleaning the scanner or scanning your finger more than once. Also, consider purchasing a quality safe with a fingerprint reader and a low false read rate.

Seven Best Biometric Gun Safes for 2023

Below are some of our recommendations for Biometric safes for 2023 based on user rating and our own experience selling these.

Stealth Biometric Handgun Hanger Safe Quick-Access Security Box-Best Handgun Safe

Highlight: The stealth biometric gun safe can fit up to five handguns. It has three coated rods in the interior's back where to store three pistols at a ready position. You can store two extra handguns on the interior floor.

The Stealth Biometric Handgun Hanger Safe is a quick-access biometric handgun that opens from the front. The handgun safe received the California DOJ Approved certification. High-density foam is used to line the interior of the safe to avoid scratching. It also incorporates a red interior light for easy internal visibility.

You can access the contents of a Stealth Biometric Handgun Hanger Safe in three different ways. It's quick and simple to use the biometric fingerprint scanner. Provided you are a registered user, you can instantly open the safe by placing your finger on the scanner. 

Stealth Safes make it fast and easy to register a fingerprint. You can store up to 31 different registered fingerprints in the Stealth biometric handgun hanger safe. 

An electronic keypad on the safe allows for backup entry. We had no trouble setting our unique 6-digit code utilizing the four push buttons. When we entered our code in the dark, the push buttons were lit in blue LED light to make them easier to see. They also come with two high-security backup override keys that were laser cut. They give you a mechanical entry technique.

You get fast access to the contents of your safe thanks to the front opening recessed 3/8" thick steel door. The red interior light turns on when the door opens, allowing you to see within the safe even in the dark. A speed reduction kicks in to enable the door to open quietly. 

This safe is incredibly pry-resistant because of its all-solid steel design. By simply plugging in the power connection, we could add power to our safe. We could also install a 9 Volt Duracell Coppertop battery to add power to the safe.

Stealth Top Vault Quick-Access Biometric Pistol Safe-Best Biometric Bedside Gun Safe

Highlight: It is small enough to conveniently fit on a nightstand or in a drawer. Its pop-up open-door design makes it easy to retrieve a gun at your bedside.

Stealth Top Vault Biometric Pistol Safe is a quick-access biometric pistol safe that can store up to two guns. Access to the ammo is from the top of the safe. This Stealth Top Vault includes a steel plate lock shield to protect it from tampering. There are also no exposed holes that could allow intruders to open the safe. 

The safe has a secure cover for the biometric scanner button and an internal anti-tamper mechanism. Additional security features include high-security override keys and a strong security cable. 

For peace of mind in the unfortunate event of a break-in, the Stealth Top Vault offers quick access to your firearms. It is the ideal size for your nightstand or drawer because of the pop-open door.

Stealth Safes did an amazing job and making this particular safe extremely sturdy for its size because of the hefty 12-gauge steel construction in the body. The safe door has 14 gauge steel making this safe extremely sturdy compared to other safes of its size.

The anti-impact latch provides the highest level of pry resistance by latching onto the safe's body. The white interior light turns on immediately as the door pops open for visibility in the dark. The interior of the safe is lined with high-quality foam. It is hence an ideal place to store and safeguard up to two pistols from scratches.

With its large internal height, this large safe can store any type of rifle. It is ideal for full-size, compact, sub-compact, and revolvers. The Stealth Top Vault runs off of a 9 Volt battery. There are four placements on the bottom of the safe for securing the safe to a fixed surface.

Gardall PS96-B-BE Pistol Safe-Best Biometric Gun Safe for Car

Highlight: It is ideal as a vehicle safe. It is portable and can easily fit in a drawer or under the seat of an automobile.

Gardall PS96-B-E Pistol Safe is one of the best biometric safes. It is a smaller safe that can store up to two handguns and other valuables. This truck safe allows for quick access to your handguns and pistols when you need them most. The biometric finger swipe technology with electronic and key backup provides rapid and secure access.

Tests and reviews indicate that this biometric lock offers exceptional accuracy and a low failure rate. This safe also contains an electronic lock and key for backup entry. This biometric lock supports up to five distinct fingerprints.

The PS96-B-BE is a portable biometric handgun safe. It is slim enough to fit beneath a car seat or in a drawer. We could easily keep our guns safe when driving thanks to the foam-lined interior and velcro straps.

In addition, the Gardall PS96-B-E handgun and pistol smart safe has a no-beep keypad and a push-button lock with backlighting. In case your batteries run out, you can use the mechanical key override for backup entry. For access, the code can be programmed with a unique 4-6 digit entry code.

Gardall PS96-BE Handgun and Pistol Safe feature premium steel to guarantee durability. It also features a pry-resistant door that includes a gas strut. The locking gas spring enables you to hold the door by itself midway between opening or closed. The Gardall PS96-B-E handgun is a useful asset for your home, business, or truck safe.

Hollon Pistol Safe PB-BIO-2-Best Small Biometric Gun Safe

Highlight: It is compact to easily fit in a drawer or mount under desks or beds, or be used as a travel safe.

The Hollon Pistol Safe with Electronic Lock secures pistols while maintaining user-friendliness. It has a digital lock that can be opened using a keypad code or a biometric scanner and your fingerprint. 

One master code and one user code are present on the keypad lock. The biometric scanner can store up to 20 different fingerprints. Another alternate access method is an override key. Foam is used to line the interior of the container to assist in safeguarding the contents from harm.

You can also store other valuables like jewelry, money, or documents in biometric handgun safes. Its interior is foam lined to prevent scratches on your valuables or weapons.

It is steel safe with a powder coat finish. The interior measures approximately five inches deep and 15.75 inches broad hence best fits as a travel safe.

Four AA batteries are required for the lock, which can keep your combination even when the batteries are changed. This safe comes with a 1-year warranty for part replacement as well.

There are a few drawbacks we noted with the Hollon PB-BIO-2 pistol safe. Although it has a code entry option, it only allows one user code. The safe is also not fireproof.

Sports Afield Haven Series Biometric Gun Safe SA5930HX-B-Best Fireproof and Waterproof Biometric Gun Safe

Highlight: Sports Afield proprietary Triple Seal to keep your handgun dry for up to 7 days in up to 2 inches of water. The Sports Afield Haven SA5930HX also features a 75-minute fire rating tested at temperatures up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Your firearms and valuables will be protected from theft, fire, and natural flooding with the Sports Afield Haven 36-Gun fireproof and waterproof gun safe. The Sports Afield Haven SA5930HX is a larger safe with exceptional waterproof and fire ratings. Your possessions will remain dry for up to 7 days in water up to 2 inches deep thanks to Sports Afield's patented Triple Seal.

Additionally, the Sports Afield Haven SA5930HX has a 75-minute fire rating that has been examined at 1400 degrees Fahrenheit or above. The Sports Afield brand has a special triple seal made of smoke, fire, and water. The California CDOJ has also approved it. Standard equipment includes an illuminated (in the dark) electronic lock. In case the lock malfunctions, there are 2 backup keys. 

A theft alert audible alarm, (10) 1.5" steel bolts, uni weld construction, and a bolt-down kit with 4 anchor bolts to mount to a solid surface are just a few of the security features on the Sports Afield SA5930HX Haven Series Gun Safe.

We liked having the option to program up to 100 different fingerprints. Two Fail Safe override keys are also included as a backup entryway. The convertible's interior is carpeted and lit for night visibility.

It is equipped with a luxury pocket door organizer, an adjustable top shelf, and side shelves. There was enough room for gun storage, and we left even more space for additional guns. This long gun safe contains six handgun holsters and 36-barrel rest settings. The safe includes a lifetime warranty and has been approved by the CA DOJ.

Sports Afield Preserve Series Biometric Gun Safe SA5924P-B-Best Rated Biometric Gun Safe

The Sports Afield Preserve SA5924P Safe keeps your valuables and firearms protected from elements like fire, water, and smoke. Additionally, this safe has a cutting-edge biometric handle for quick, simple, and secure entry. With this safe series, you have complete peace of mind because it offers all the security necessities.

The safe also features the patented Triple Seal technology that produces a fire protection seal for 45 minutes in temperatures of up to 1400°F. It protects the contents of your safe in 2 feet of standing water for up to 7 days.

This long gun safe is made of industrial-grade steel with a heavy-duty Uni-Weld body and steel locking bolts. It has two Fail Safe override keys and a fully programmable electronic lock with an Anti-Theft Alarm.

The safe's interior is entirely carpeted and has a barrel rack with 24 gun configurations. The top shelf's Zero-Sag steel reinforcement supports heavier goods. It also includes three adjustable shelves on the side. This gun safe has a lifetime warranty and has been authorized by the California DOJ.

Sports Afield Instinct Series Biometric Gun Safe SA5529INS-B-Best Fireproof Biometric Gun Safe

Highlight: It is fireproof for up to 30 minutes at 1400 degrees Fahrenheit.

The 30-Gun Biometric Fireproof Safe, Sports Afield Instinct SA5529INS-BIO Gun Safe is constructed for durability and security. To guarantee you have access when you need it most, it contains a solid steel body, a quick access biometric lock, and two override keys.

To capture several instances of the same fingerprint or multiple individuals, you can register up to 100 fingerprints. There are 30 sturdy over-molded plastic barrel rests within the completely carpeted safe to prevent scratching. Four scoped rifle standoffs are included with it, which can be quickly snapped into any barrel rest position to make place for a scoped rifle.

A lifetime warranty is provided to protect your complete safe against theft, fire, natural disasters, and damaged locks, parts, and paint.

How We Chose the Best Biometric Gun Safe

Your choice of biometric gun safe should account for several factors. We are reviewing which factors to consider before choosing the best biometric gun safes available.

  • Type of Safe

There are different types of safes for different kinds of guns. Are you looking for a long gun safe, pistol safe, and gun safes for long guns and handguns? We recommend that you take stock of what guns you currently own and then assess for size.

  • Size

You should buy a gun safe that's larger than your current collection. This is true if you're considering getting more guns in the future. However, if you're looking for a travel safe, buy a small gun safe.

  • Steel Gauge

The thicker the steel, the better protected your firearms will be. We recommend a 10-gauge steel gun safe for home security safes. The ideal range is between 9 and 14 gauges.

  • Fire Protection Rating

Steel has a melting point of 2,500°F, which is ideal for making gun safes. Although the average temperature of house fires is 1,200°F, you shouldn't skimp on fire safety. Make sure the home safe has a fire rating that lasts between 30 and 120 minutes.


Gun safes are a valuable and great way to store and protect firearms securely. This is why Mammoth Safes has teamed up with the leading experts and brands in the gun-safe industry. They provide a secure storage solution for guns, ammo, and other accessories. As a result, we have a vast gun-safe collection featuring various locking mechanisms.

We offer biometric gun safes from brands such as Gardall, Hollon, Sports Afield, Hayman, and Stealth Safes. We have also added Winchester gun safes to our collection. Visit Mammoth Safes to check our vast collection of various types of gun safes.

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