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Mirror Gun Safes

Mirror Gun Safes are an excellent way to hide your firearms from intruders. Mammoth Safes offers the best selection of gun safes but more importantly mirror gun safes from the well-known and trusted brand, Tactical Walls. If you wish to conceal your firearms, no matter the size, then mirror gun safes are a great option. We offer full-length concealment mirror gun safes with RFID technology which makes accessing your firearms that much easier in case of a home invasion. So take a look around and pick the right size for you.

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What Are the Benefits Of A Mirror Gun Safe?


The benefit of our mirror gun safes is that they are hidden away from plain sight. Even more so, they are hidden and disguised as your average mirror which intruders and unwanted individuals wouldn't blink an eye at. A big reason people invest in a mirror gun safe is that they don't want their children accidentally getting access to firearms inside the house.

If you have any concerns about children getting ahold of your firearms, or intruders having easy access to your firearms, then a mirror gun safe is the right option for you. 


A massive benefit of our quality mirror gun safes is that they are hidden inside a concealed wall. Meaning they provide a level of security that you can't get from traditional safes. Equipped with secret compartments, intruders won't even know there are hidden valuables behind your mirror. Each safe is designed with ABS plastic that is U.S. sourced, and the mirror itself has a shatter-resistant coating all while being encased in a hardwood frame. 

Whether you choose a sliding mirror safe or a hinged mirror safe, either way, you can rest assured that you'll be able to quickly access your firearms, or whatever they may be, with haste. Why do we say that? Because every mirror safe comes with a magnetic lock that can be quickly unlocked using either a large retention magnet key or a small retention magnet key, you can even order an additional key if you'd like.


With a standard safe, it's hard to justify the space, especially the larger you get. With larger safes, you do get more protection, but they are right in the open. With our mirror safes, even our full-length mirror safes such as the 1450 from Tactical Walls are installed straight inside of the wall acting like a sliding door with your valuables secure and locked hidden behind your mirror.

Aesthetic Appeal

Aside from being easy to install and the depth of the safe making for plenty of room, another features  the overall look and feel of our mirror safes are unmatched. The mirror itself is coated with a shatter-resistant coating, giving it a nice shine. On top of that they are encased in a beautiful hardwood frame material that adds a level of aesthetic to your home, well providing an added layer of security at the same time.

Types Of Mirror Gun Safes And What Mammoth Safes Recommends


Large Mirror Gun Safes

Our large mirror safes or in other words our full-length mirrors are the largest mirror safes we have available. They are taller as opposed to being wider, with the high range being 60" in height, and around 22.5" in width.  Another feature is that these come in a slide or hinge option just like all of our mirror safes.

Tactical Walls 1450 Full-Length Mirror Safe

The 1450 sliding mirror safe from Tactical Walls is for holding rifles, pistols, or any other large valuables you wish to store away. The depth of this mirror is 3.5" and includes a magnetic key for quick access to the interior of the product. You want to install this product on the first stud of your wall, but make sure you have plenty of room and be careful of outlets, light switches, or paintings.

A key 1450 feature is that it comes equipped with a hinged version which allows you some wiggle room when installing the safe behind the mirror. A key feature is if you want inserts that protect your interior finishes, that is an option as well. Or if you prefer no insert that you can choose to go with that, and create the inserts yourself. 

Small Mirror Gun Safes

We also offer smaller wall mirror safes which are incredibly easy to install and the safe is made with that in mind. As opposed to our full-length mirrors these provide one large hidden compartment as opposed to a couple of compartments, this allows for optimal storage and concealment when hiding your firearms.

They are made from the same wood material as our larger mirrors and even have the same depth of 3.5". Tactical Walls provides many options on our small safes like a custom canvas, chalkboard, and dry-erase board making it that much easily to choose from.

Tactical Walls 1420 Hinged Concealment Mirror

The Tactical Walls 1420 Hinged Concealment mirror is perfect for hiding your valuables and firearms and has tons of different options as we mentioned above. To gain access, just use your magnetic key on the hidden lock and the unit will open.

Our smaller mirror safes also use ABS plastic, this is the standard material that Tactical Walls include in all of their mirror safes. Being not as large as our other mirror safes, especially with the hinged option, you can get away with going closer to the wall just as long as it's installed on the first stud.

The hinged comes with an insert option or a no-insert option. The insert is specifically designed with standard velcro to protect your interior finishes. This model also comes with a sliding and even a retro option.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the ideal mirror safe for my house?

  • If you're limited in space, we recommend going with a hinged option on one of our smaller safes as they are less thick and provide a small discrete storage solution. 

What's the difference between a sliding and a hinged safe?

  • A sliding safe requires more room as it either slides to the left or the right of the safe depending on where you install it from. You also have to be wary of what stud you install our sliding safes to make sure you have plenty of room and as well as avoid any light switches, outlets, painting, etc.
  • A hinged safe is a great purchase if you're tight on space. The door swings up on a hinge instead of sliding out, conserving your space. You can also install it closer to the wall corner because there is no worry of hitting the wall when opening the safe.

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