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The Top Mirror Gun Safes Guide

The Top Mirror Gun Safes Guide

9 minute read

So you want to get yourself a brand new mirror gun safe but you're not sure which one to go with. Luckily, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the top choices in the industry. Not only are we going to provide you with the top mirror gun safes in 2023, but after the fact outline the importance of having one, what they are, and how you can choose the right one for your exact situation.

What Are Mirror Gun Safes?

Definition and Description

By definition, they are safes designed to discreetly hide your firearms, cash, hardware, knives, and any other small valuables through the appearance of a real mirror. Don't be fooled however, the mirror part of the diversion is fundamental and thought goes into the design of the mirror as well. They also have the benefits of wall safes, they fit right into the wall but the difference between your average wall safes is that the mirror is a convenient diversion as opposed to an obvious safe in the wall.

Types of Mirror Gun Safes

There are different types of mirror gun safes, which includes small or large, sliding or hinged, and inserts or no inserts. Most come encased in a wooden frame with shatter-resistant material that only increases the amount of protection, on top of the diversion aspect of it. There are also different brands like Tactical Walls, which is our personal favorite. Tactical Walls provides the highest quality diversion furniture and safes on the market. Later in this blog, we are going to discuss what to consider before getting yourself a mirror gun safe depending on your exact situation so do not worry if you're unsure.

If you're looking for a large mirror gun safe then the Tactical Walls 1450 Concealment Mirror is the largest option available. The larger compartments of this safe are 14″W x 40″H x 3.5″D while the smaller compartments are exactly 14″W x 10″H x 3.5″D. It requires a hole in your wall and is recessed between 16" on center studs. 

Keep in mind that there are two options available for this mirror safe, including a sliding mirror or a hinged mirror. For the sliding mirror, you need roughly 39' of wall space from the first wall stud to make room for the door opening. Also be careful of obstacles such as light switches, wall outlets, or paintings getting in the way. Now, the hinged mirror allows for more room to work with and would be installed on the first stud. It opens on a hinge which as opposed to the sliding mirror, can fit in tighter spaces.

On the other hand, if you want a small mirror gun safe then the Tactical Walls 1420 Concealment Mirror is one of the smaller options available. It has different styles such as a chalkboard variation, dry-erase board, or even a custom canvas option available. The large compartment is 14″W x 20″H x 3.5″D. Like the 1450, it requires a hole in the wall and is recessed between 16" on center studs. Once again, it has a sliding and hinged option available depending on how much room you have. With the sliding being for more spacious walls that don't have light switches, wall outlets, and paintings while the hinged is for more tighter areas with less space.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mirror Gun Safes

The advantage of mirror gun safes is that you can keep your firearms hidden from children and unwanted intruders. Each safe is hidden behind a mirror that is inserted into the wall which is virtually impossible to notice. This means instead of having your safe out in the open, for everyone to see. You will have all of your valuables and firearms tucked away in a secure safe that is hidden from the outside world.

Now let's talk disadvantages. A disadvantage is that it doesn't provide nearly as much theft protection once someone has figured out what the mirror actually is. The main point of a mirror gun safe is that no one would ever try to break into a mirror, but if someone were to find out somehow then the amount of protection compared to your usual safe is much less.

Mirror Gun Safe

Benefits of Mirror Gun Safes

Concealment Advantages

Just like any other gun safes, a key benefit is keeping your firearms locked away tight and out of harm's way. However, mirror gun safes offer concealment advantages that other gun safes do not offer. With traditional gun safes, your firearms are just sitting in the open asking to be broken into or potentially stolen. Mirror gun safes solve this problem by offering a hidden solution, out of sight and out of mind. It's something to consider when you're looking into a safe, do you want one that can't ever be found thus never being broken into? Or a safe that is out in the open, liable to theft and burglary with of course higher security to compensate.

Space-Saving Solutions

It's also a benefit as far as space is concerned, you will save a ton of space when compared to other safes. Being installed into the wall, your safe will be out of the way allowing you plenty of room that you wouldn't have with a traditional safe. Aside from being seen as furniture for security purposes, they also provide two hidden compartments designed with abs plastic. You can either get no inserts, or inserts when deciding which safe to buy. We discuss this later in the blog.

Aesthetics and Design

Let's also talk about aesthetics and design, mirror gun safes offer a sleek look to your surroundings and come with exceptional designs which create that mirror look, because don't forget they are actually handcrafted mirrors that serve that purpose perfectly. Even though it's a mirror gun safe it still has the functionality and looks like a normal mirror, that's the whole point. The design portion of the safe is that it provides a magnetic lock with the choice of 2, 4, or 6 magnets to choose from. The amount of magnets depends on whether you choose an insert or no insert. Keep in mind that if you choose no insert then you won't receive any magnets.

Versatility In Placement

Aside from their overall look, the versatility in placement beats any other type of safe. Mirror gun safes offer a wide range of placement options all across your house. All you need is the right dimensions on your wall and it can be installed. In your home, office, or study room, the places you can install a mirror gun safe are almost endless as long as there is enough room and depth for installation.

How to Choose the Right Mirror Gun Safe

Considerations When Choosing a Mirror Gun Safe

There's a decent bit to consider when choosing a mirror gun safe. The first thing to consider is how much space you have available on your walls, and more importantly the depth. For example, our Tactical Walls 1450 Sliding Concealment Mirror requires a depth of 3.5", a width of 14", and a height of 40" to be properly installed into your wall. Make sure to check out the dimensions which the mirror gun safe requires and measure your own personal wall before you decide.

Another thing to consider is do you want a sliding mirror or a hinged mirror? A sliding mirror gun safe will need to be free from obstacles because the door actually slides out to open the safe itself. So be careful of shelves, light switches, wall outlets, and any other objects on your wall when looking into a sliding mirror gun safe. Now, a hinged mirror gun safe allows for more compact areas. They simply open outwards on a hinge just like the safes you're most likely used to.


Budget directly correlates with size, the bigger the mirror, the more the cost. If you're only storing small firearms like pistols then it's best you go with a smaller mirror gun safe, such as the Tactical Walls 1420 Sliding Concealment Mirror which is the ideal safe for handguns, cash, knives, or any other small items you wish to hide. It's also something to consider budget wise going with a no-insert option, this will save you a hundred dollars or more. But keep in mind you will have to get your own inserts to install this way you can properly store your firearms.

Size and Capacity

We spoke a little bit about size and capacity before but more importantly, you want to know how long away from the way you should actually install your mirror gun safe. And you also need to take into account that it's not the distance from the wall, but the distance from the first stud in your wall. Take this into consideration when planning your purchase, and installation.

Lock and Security Features

Some mirror gun safes come with a magnetic lock feature or an RFID card feature. Both are very secure and give you quick access to your firearms in case of an emergency. All it takes is a simple swipe of your magnet/RFID card and you're in. Magnetic firearm retention also allows accessing your hardware that much easier. Also, consider the type of material being used to create the actual mirror itself. You want to go with some sort of shatter-resistant coated material, usually encased in a hardwood frame. Tactical Walls provides this type of security feature and much more. Our mirror gun safes provide two hidden compartments with the accessory option of either a 


Recap of The Benefits and Advantages of Mirror Gun Safes

The overarching point of mirror gun safes is that they should not be attempted to be broken into in the first place. This provides your valuables an incredible amount of safety because no one will know this entire time your valuables have been behind a plain in-sight mirror. Aside from the obvious benefits security-wise, the space you save when installing a safe right into your wall beats having a massive safe right in the middle of your room, office, or study.

Final Thoughts

Mirror gun safes are an excellent and inexpensive option if you wish to divert intruders, children, and unwanted away from your valuables. If you don't want to spend a ton of money and space then they are a perfect option for your home or office. Mammoth Safes offers the highest quality mirror gun safes on the market so shop with confidence knowing you're getting the quality you require at the price you deserve.

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