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Gun Safes

Gun safes are a great way to securely store and protect firearms. This is why Mammoth Safes has teamed up with the leading experts and brands in the gun safe industry. They provide a secure storage solution for guns, ammunition, and other accessories such as scopes, bipods, and magazines. Gun safes come in a variety of sizes to fit any space or budget.

They can be wall-mounted or free-standing, depending on your needs. Most gun safes are made of heavy-duty steel with multiple layers of fireproofing and locking mechanisms for maximum security. Many models also feature adjustable shelving and convenient compartments for easy organization of stored items. With the right gun safe, you can have peace of mind knowing that your firearms will remain protected from theft and unauthorized access.

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Types Of Gun Safes

Under Bed Gun Safes

If you're looking for fast access to your gun safes then under bed gun safes are right down your alley. The most valuable thing gun owners can have is the ability to easily reach their gun safe in the case of a home invasion. No one wants a pistol under their pillow at night, this is where under bed gun safes are valuable. These gun safes are designed specifically to fit under the bed, making them the best gun safe for home invasions because of their compact and hidden design. Portable and easy to access with fingerprint and electronic locks, you can be sure that in the heat of the moment, access to your gun safe will be a breeze. With plenty of space, you can be sure that your handguns and your bullets will fit just perfectly. Portable, easy to access, and completely hidden, under bed gun safes are an excellent option for your room.

In Wall Gun Safes

What's more important than a gun safe being able to withstand massive damage? The ability to stay out of harm's way, in wall gun safes are the perfect option if you're looking to secretly stash away your pistols and important items. In wall gun safes come with various different locks and sizes. Key lock, combination lock, biometric lock, keypad, it's all up to you. Sizes vary on how deep you would like the gun safe in your wall. 4", 6", 8-10", are just some of the sizes we offer. In wall gun safes are designed specifically for your home or office and can fit valuables such as pistols, small firearms, and more with ease.

Nightstand Gun Safes

Looking for a gun safe that is easy to access in case of a home invasion? Look no further than nightstand gun safes, designed for the fastest access possible in case of an emergency. Made in the USA, these provide the best value for your money if you're looking for extremely fast access to your pistol. Without a doubt, one of the safest methods of storing your guns is in a nightstand gun safe. We recommend a keypad or fingerprint lock to ensure you access your items with speed. Be safe while you sleep with nightstand gun safes.

Fireproof Gun Safes

Protect your firearms from fire with fireproof gun safes. No matter how strong your gun safe is, in the event of a fire having a safe equipped with a fire rating is extremely important. This is why investing into a fireproof gun safe is something you won't regret. From 30 minutes all the way up to 2 hour fire ratings you can be certain in the event of a fire, your pistols, handguns, and firearms will be safe. We recommend at least a rating of 60 minutes for the minimum protection. Also, be on the lookout for certifications such as U.L. (United States) or K.I.S (Korean) certification. These two companies provide the highest quality rating and are to be highly trusted. Be sure to check out rifle safes for larger fireproof storage.Β 

Mirror Gun Safes

Mirror Gun Safes safes offer a hidden way to secure your firearms without being out in the open. The main benefits of a mirror gun safe are its accessibility and being out of plain sight. They come with RFID technology which allows you to open your safe with a chipped keycard for ease of access. If your worried about children or intruders getting ahold of your firearms, then hiding them out of plain sight is your best bet.

Take Our Word on The Benefits of Owning a Gun Safe

Keeps Guns Securely Stored and Away From Children or Unauthorized Persons

It's safe to say that when you either purchase a gun safe or a gun cabinet that they should not be easy to break into to. Reliable locking mechanisms, pry-resistant, scratch free, and hardplate safe doors, they are an unmatched value for your money. Let's face it, guns are incredibly important to protect away from children and especially unwanted intruders in your home, so take our word for it that it's important to help you choose the best option when buying a gun safe. This is why we offer quality gun safes with steel walls that contain 10-gauge steel, creating a vault that no one can enter unauthorized.

Protects Against Theft or Fire Damage to Guns and Ammunition

Not only are the large selection of gun safes we provide tamper-resistant and pry proof, but also able to withstand high heat. But before we get into the importance of fire protection, let's discuss how ours safes help with anti-theft. All of our safes come with steel construction which means the ability to enhance strength and durability. Most people spend too much time on the anti-theft portion of their safes, and neglect fire rating. However, fire protection is one of the most important factors. Doesn't matter how much steel is used in terms of design when all it takes is a simple fire to completely ruin your guns. In order to protect your guns further, it's critical to buy a gun safe online that has a reliable U.L. or K.I.S rating.Β 


Frequently Asked Questions

β€’ How does Fire Rating Work?

When looking at fire rating it's pretty straightforward, you want to look for two different ratings. These being U.L. (United States) and K.I.S certifications, these are the most trusted forms of fire rating certifications and are the first thing to look for. Then you need to find out much heat the safe can take, and for how long. For example, a safe that has been UL rated to withstand 1 hour of 1500-degree temperatures. Meaning at this exact temperature it will withstand the heat of 1500 degrees for one hour and has been tested. They also range from 30 minutes to 2 hours at various degrees, so pick wisely.

β€’ How Effective is a Gun Cabinet?

Gun cabinets can be quite effective, but never as effective as a gun safe. Gun safes have thicker walls and door panels with reinforced steel hinges and bolts. Though gun cabinets are cheaper but less secure compared to gun safes. They are best used for storage and keeping children away from your firearms.

β€’ What's the Best Pistol Safe?

We provide an array of quality pistol safes, but the Stealth Biometric Handgun Hanger Safe provides incredible protection with the portable functionality most pistol safes lack. It's pry resistant with a concealed hinge and a massive 3/16 steel door, making it the best bang for your buck when balancing heavy-duty security and portability.

β€’ What to Look For When Buying a Gun Safe?

You always want to ensure that the unit is spacious enough to fit what you desire so you have room for what you want to store. We provide dimensions on all of our safes so that it's easy for you. Aside from space, steel door thickness is also very important depending on your security needs. You want at least 1/4 of solid plate steel or composite in the door. Higher secure safes have a 3/8 to 1/2' steel plate in the door. Also, don't neglect fire rating. You want a gun safe that protects against not only theft but fire as well. Keep all of these in mind when looking for your first gun safe purchase.

If you're looking for the best biometric gun safes then check out our detailed blog on just that. Looking for a hidden mirror safe that burglars and thieves won't even know is there? Check out our detailed top mirror gun safe blog to alleviate any of your questions.

Final Verdict

Whether it's custom hinge types or removable components, we offer only the best gun safes to protect your valuables. We also sell from the best safe manufacturers like AMSEC, Gardall, Hollon, and SecureIt. The best gun safes that money can buy, all equipped with amazing features coupled with free shipping you bet you're getting your money's worth.

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